There is hardly to seek out developers who write code complete and spotlessly.

People are inclined to create mistakes, human error may result in a violation of the conventional operation of software in the least stages of software system development. Errors can seem to appear in any of the stages of the life cycle, a number of them even stay undiscovered. 

There is a high possibility that the ultimate code has errors of each design and functionality. to spot these issues before they occur in an exceedingly critical environment. Software testing is that the process of researching software to identify errors and confirm the correspondence between the actual and expected behavior of software meted out on the idea of a group of tests selected in an exceedingly certain way. It is necessary to perform Software testing, an awfully important part of the method, but also really expensive; but, we must bear in mind that the price because of failure while the software is running is much higher. In a broader sense, software testing could be a software internal control technique, which has test design, test execution, and analysis of the results obtained.

Testing criteria are usually the following:

• functionality;
• simple development;
• simple installation;
• the standard of documentation and support;
• performance
The main purpose is to point that the merchandise is prepared for unleash on the market, that every one the functions declared by the developer work stably. Testing is required by the developer himself to create sure the merchandise is prepared and customers to determine what they have purchased.

The importance of software testing is imperative. Many of the times this process is skipped, therefore, the merchandise and business would possibly suffer. To understand the importance of testing, here are some key points that designate why your product should proceed.

1. To Save Money

Testing has a lot of benefits and each of the foremost important ones is cost-effectiveness. Having testing in your project will save money in the long run. Software development consists of the many stages and if bugs are caught within the earlier stages it costs a lot less to repair them. That İs why it is vital to urge testing done in no time. Getting testers or QA’s who are technically experienced for a software project is simply like a venture and your project can profit budget-wise.
Imagine you only downloaded a banking app and it is one in every of the tiniest commissions round the marketplace for sending money fast. You signed up and an error message popped up. Now because of that problem, but other users can’t “Sign Up” and use that output. Thus their business has already lost money as a result of transactions that do not seem to be made and unresolved the problem within the very start. Thus, users can go and find another similar app that works and probably will never return to it one thanks to the bad experience they would have. Testing basically helps you save time and money long run as a result of problems are resolved before larger issues occur. The maintenance prices are lower and within the end, if the product works 100 percent because it should, no exponential harm is finished to your business cost-wise.

2. Security

Another vital point to feature is security. This is often most likely theone of the sensitive and most vulnerable part.
There are many situations where user data has been stolen or hackers have gotten to it and used it for his or her profit. That is the rationale people are looking for trusted products that they will depend on. As a user of the many apps, we are always searching for products that we might give our information to confidently and know that it will be safe.Our personal data and what we do should stay private, especially using services as an example, banking information, security details etc.
How testing will help your product security:
• The user gets a trustworthy product;
• Keeps user’s personal data  safe;
• Problems and risks are eliminated firstly;
• Saves many of troubles later on;

Sometimes even the tiniest security problems have brought huge problems to businesses around the world, because of that it should be important to assure top-notch quality products to customers.
3. Product Quality

In order to create your product vision return to life, it is to work as planned. Following product needs are imperative, as a result of it, it helps you get the needed results.
Products always serve users in some ways, so it is important that it brings the worth it guarantees, hence it should work decently to confirm amazing customer experience. To develop an app, as an example, has several processes enclosed and testing gets a glimpse of every bit – it checks if the apps’ graphics are working properly, tests the most functionality, checks if menus are intuitive. Once developers fix problems, another issue could appear unexpectedly elsewhere, that is how testing goes sometimes, so it is great to seek out those issues to be resolved and be an element of the quality product being delivered to the marketplace.
Device compatibility is additionally checked for the merchandise, as an example, an app’s compatibility on devices and operational systems. Testing companies sometimes have a lot of tools available to hide many testing scenarios.
4. Customer Satisfaction

The ultimate goal for a product owner is to provide the simplest customer satisfaction. When we ask why apps and software be tested is to bring the best user experience. Being the best product during this market will facilitate your gain of trustworthy customers which is able to have amazing long-term effects. When users have the amazing experience they are going to, tell their friends and word to the mouth can make it advertise itself, however, this works each way.
Customer trust is not easy to earn, especially if your product is glitching and functioning only some of the time. You are a user of the many products and maybe have had really bad experiences that made you delete the app and tell others to not use it. Nowadays the market is so saturated that the first impression is significant, otherwise, users can find another app that meets their needs.
All might be eliminated if you invest in testing at the beginning development, as a result of bringing the most important value during this saturated market can make your business attract attention.
• British Airways – For the sixth time last year – a serious IT software system failure led to astronomical cancellations on local flights and important delays on international flights. It took over three days of cancellation chaos to resolve the issues that plagued BA throughout this outage.
5.Software Adaptability

There are many devices, operational systems and browsers offered nowadays and it is necessary for software to be compatible with all platforms so as to supply users a great experience.
If the practicality of software is full of the change of devices, it will count towards negative user experience. Testing eliminates these errors within the performance while adding to the compatibility and adaptableness of the software.
6.Protection of Reputation

Released products with plenty of bugs will surely do not satisfied users working with it. You must remember all the time that the primary impression is absolutely hard to alter.
So then within the future, it is very difficult to prove that the matter has been solved and that they will use it again. The primary impression is absolutely hard to alter.
Besides, announcements of software issues immediately result in a fall within the value of the asset of companies.

Finding bugs and errors in software could be a standard phenomenon. Leaving them unaddressed can cause serious damage to not only your customers, but to the supplier’s reputation still.
By creating software as error-free as possible, testing increases the user-experience and decrease maintenance costs still. Software quality extremely depends on its decent performance.
Therefore, the role of software testing is some things that the developers pass off at their company’s peril. The sooner it is done and therefore the more thoroughly it is performed the higher it’s for developers and users alike, resulting in a win-win outcome.

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