The boom in the online market continues unabated and the Internet is constantly producing new, increasingly specialized job profiles. You may have noticed that web developers, for example, are very popular. So what is Front-End developer and What does this work? Companies are increasingly shifting their marketing activities almost completely to the Internet and offering their products online.

Requirements for a Frontend Developer

For a frontend developer, extensive experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript is indispensable. The knowledge should always be kept up to date, because today a website must be easily accessible on the desktop as well as on the smartphone. When creating this responsive design, it is also important that the frontend developer knows which CSS or JavaScript libraries are available and which plug-ins are useful for the concept of the respective website.

What is a Front-End developer? What does this work for?

Tasks of a Frontend Developer

The task of a frontend developer (also called frontend developer or web developer) is to develop the presentation of a website optimized for Internet browsers. While a backend developer programs the server of the website, it is the task of the frontend developer to implement the layout as well as the client-side programming.

Salary as Frontend Developer

The application as frontend developer is done either directly at the companies or via talent hunters, who search for talented programmers on career portals. Even if a slight trend reversal can be observed, the experience counts even more than the degree or vocational qualification, which is why previous internships can be a real booster for your application.

As a career starter you apply as a Junior Developer and can expect a starting salary as a Frontend Developer of $3,000 to 4,000 gross per month.

A senior frontend developer who has at least five to ten years of professional experience can look forward to a basic salary of $3,900 to 6,000 gross.

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