Time does not hold up for anybody, and in this monstrously quick period, we continuously require apparatuses by which we are able to speed up our tasks. Software development is one of the major errands which needs the foremost resourceful environments that not fair offer assistance the software engineer type in the code but too permit program generation. This is often the sole reason for an IDE, and among the leading, Atom is free and open source. It could be a desktop application which is outlined to serve Python designers in their endeavour. 

Before getting into the profundity, let’s take a speedy see at all that will be examined in this article:

  • Why do we require Atom python? 
  • What is Atom content editor? 
  • Downloading Atom Python
  • Executing the Code
  • Theming
  • Experimenting
  • Python Specific Configurations

Let us begin with start with figuring out as to why you really require python Atom IDE?

Why do we require ATOM python? 

The most fundamental way to form and run a Python program is to make a purge record with a .py expansion and after that point to that record from the command line with python filename.py. Then again, you’ll utilize IDLE which comes as a default application beside Python to execute your code. In any case, in the event that you need to be profitable, the primary two choices would not be the most excellent ones. You may have to utilize something more solid and beneficial. Here is where the ATOM comes into the picture. ATOM does not have highlights within the conventional sense, it makes bundles that include to its hackable centre. These bundles give highlights like auto-complete, code lines, and code highlighters.

So let’s move on and venture deep into this remarkable ‘Software for Software Development’, which is Atom.

What is ATOM content editor? 

ATOM is an open-source cross-platform IDE. It underpins bundles created in Node.js and Git adaptation control. Most of the bundles are unreservedly accessible and built by open-source communities. This IDE is created and kept up by GitHub on Electron system utilizing web innovations.

Atom is an open-source cross-platform IDE. It supports packages developed in Node.js and Git version control. Most of the packages are freely available and built by open-source communities. This IDE is developed and maintained by GitHub on Electron framework using web technologies.

Downloading Atom 

To download Atom python content editor, go to https://atom.io/. It’ll consequently distinguish your current working framework and appear the comparing setup record to download, tap on download. 

Once the download handle is wrapped up, total the setup by clicking on the run and hold up until the establishment is wrapped up. Once introduced, Atom will open naturally, within the default directory. An easy route will too be made within the start menu. 

To execute Python code, you may get to introduce the specified bundles or plug-in.

Let us presently see how able to design Atom Python to open in a standard way so as to access Atom from the catalogue of our choice. You’ll be able to also explore highlights like introducing a subject or bundle utilizing the welcome direct as appeared within the picture over. For presently, fair near the welcome direct and uncheck the alternative Appear Welcome Direct when opening Atom so that another time you dispatch Atom the welcome screen does not show up.

Presently, go to the registry where you’ve got downloaded Atom, right tap on it and select open with Atom. 

If you don’t see this choice within the setting menu, it can be propelled from programs. Go to File->Settings or utilize Ctrl + Comma (Ctrl+,) to open settings. In settings, press on the Framework tab and check the taking after options: 

1) Appear in record-setting menus 

2) Appear in organizer setting menus

Presently the setting menu will appear the desired alternative which is, open with Atom. Go to the catalogue and perform the same operation as depicted earlier. 

You will be able to see the tree see towards the cleared out. On the off chance that you don’t see the tree see, go to see and press flip tree see or use the alternate route (Ctrl+/). Within the tree view simply twofold tap on the python record and you’ll see the code. 

Executing the Code 

Normally, the command provokes is utilized to run Python programs. In any case, in Atom, a plugin called platform-ide-terminal is accessible which can be utilized to execute the python records, To set up, this plugin, explore to File->Settings tap on Introduce tab and hunt for the platform-ide-terminal plug-in and press on the introduction.

Once the establishment is wrapped up, the terminal will be coordinated interior Atom and you may be able to see a + symbol within the cleared out corner of the Atom python editor. The terminal will open within the current catalogue on the off chance that clicked on it. 

You can also see plugin details by clicking on the plugin bundle tab. It’ll appear all the desired subtle elements and how to utilize the plugins.

Part the Editor 

When you have got more than one file opened interior Atom, you’ll be able to go to View -> Panes-> Split Right to send the current record to the proper half of the window. This will assist you to boost your efficiency when working with different records simultaneously. 


There are two sorts of subjects, to be specific, UI and Sentence structure topics. The UI topics are for changing the fashion of buttons, dropdowns, etc though the Language structure subjects are for deciding how the code is coloured and the language structure highlighting details. 

To check for all the introduced topics, explore to File->Settings, at that point tap on the subjects tab, and it’ll appear you the required result. In case you need to download new ones, go to + Install tab tap on the Topics tab which is shown next to Bundles, search for the subject merely require and introduce it. 

I actually just like the default topic, but you’ll go ahead and alter the topic for both and design your editor as and how you lean toward.


To change the default text style, explore to Settings at that point tap on the Editor tab. Here, you may be able to see an alternative to alter the text style utilizing Text style Family to fashion it concurring to your preference. Experimenting 

To include on to some more fun, you’ll be able to explore with the taking after options: 


Line-height is essentially the dispersing between two lines. In case you need to alter it, explore to the Editor tab, and alter the line-height agreeing to your preference. 

Scroll Past End 

If you scroll through the code regularly, you may be able to scroll till the last line which is able to be at the foot of the screen. Moving past it’ll be bolted. On the off chance that you empower the Scroll Past End package, you’ll be able to see the foot line at the beat of the screen giving you clear space below so that you can be comfortable working with code. 

Show Indent Guide 

Without the indent direct, nothing appears with respect to spaces. Once empowered, you’ll see vertical lines which can assist you to understand where the indentations should appear.

There are numerous other alternatives to watch out for. You’ll go ahead and test with other choices as well. 

Now let’s move on to bargain with some Python-specific configurations. 

Python-specific Configurations: 

Here are many greatly valuable plugins for Python to boost its productivity. 


The Script bundle shows a document about the subtle elements of other bundles such as commands, easy routes, etc. In the event that you’re not comfortable with the default alternate routes, you’ll alter them by exploring to see code tab which contains an envelope named keymaps. Explore to this organizer and open script.cson and upgrade it to suit your prerequisites. If you don’t mind make a note that I have changed it to Ctrl-r as appeared within the screenshot underneath.

Presently, near all the windows and restart Atom. When it restarts, you’ll be able to run Python Script using ctrl+r and you’ll see a yield box at the foot. This yield box can also be customized as follows: 

Navigate to File->Settings press on Subjects tab and you’ll be able to see the stylesheet towards the best. Once you press on this, a stylesheet will open. Glue the taking after a bit to extend the textual style estimate of the script support.

.script-view .line {
font-size: 30px;
Script Console


This package will add icons preceding your files in the tree view as shown in the image below.


minimap and minimap-highlight-selected: 

Opening record with numerous lines of code will be shown as an entire on the window towards the proper side. The minimap-highlight-selected will highlight the work or variable which is chosen as white patches on that mini-window as appeared within the screenshot underneath.


Autocomplete pops-up a window having suggestions regarding what can appear when the programmer reaches a particular point while coding.

flake 8 

It’s a linter for Python utilized to discover mistakes within the script and to highlight them. To enable this you’ll get to introduce flake8 utilizing the following command: 

Once done, you’ll be able to see a small symbol on the foot cleared out a corner of Atom which can appear a list of blunders that were encountered. 


Python-autopep8 is utilized to organize your code. It can be empowered from the autopep8 plugin settings by checking Format on Save option. 

This brings us to the conclusion of this article on ‘Atom Python’. So go ahead and investigate the so-called ‘A hackable content editor for the 21st Century”. I trust you’ve taken after everything perfectly. 

Do you have a question for us? It would be ideal if you specify it within the comments segment of this “Atom Python IDE” web journal and we’ll get back to you as soon as conceivable.

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